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The symbolic meaning of the bracelet dates back to antiquity: the earliest forms of bracelet date back to the Bronze Age, made of various materials that constituted simple circles. In ancient Egypt ornaments for the arms were known from 5000 BC Made with stone, bones or wood, their symbolic meaning was mainly religious and sprititual.

In ancient Rome, the bracelets, in which an Etruscan origin is suspected, called armillae, were bracelets worn by soldiers on the left arm of military significance.

The patricians preferred the rightists on the right arm. Women used reptile-shaped bracelets worn above the elbow.

In Hellenistic art, in Assyrian art and in ancient Greece an open circle was decorated and decorated at the ends with a pair of animal heads (lion or goat)

From the Middle Ages to today

In medieval times, the values ​​of Christianity replaced the use of the bracelet as an object for the care of physical appearance, with values ​​such as humility, poverty, decorum.

During the Renaissance the use of ornaments on the arms was favored by the return of sleeveless robes, which the Middle Ages had eliminated from habits.

Currently, in South America wrist accessories are used as protection for the evil eye; in some Indian regions the number of worn bracelets correlates with the marital status of the woman.

Today bracelets are worn by men and women mainly as clothing accessories, but retain a deep symbolic meaning.

The bracelet and its symbolic meanings

The symbolic meaning par excellence that one wants to attribute to the bracelet is that of a gift that expresses a deep bond with the person who receives it. Together with the ring, it represents the union and the kind of relationship that unites two people. All that is spherical symbolizes an endless cycle, a way therefore to keep the other united with us. Furthermore, the person in question is offered an elegant and refined accessory, thus constituting a class symbol. The symbolic meaning of the bracelet is also that of profound esteem and respect for the recipient of this gift. Pendants that are tied to bracelets may contain additional meanings and symbols.

Finally the symbolic meaning that the bracelet assumes can indicate a strictly personal value that changes according to the use and based on what the person to whom we decide to give it represents for us.