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The astral cart is the representation of the emotional and psychological predispositions and inclinations that characterize each individual from birth.

It therefore represents a precious tool to learn more about one's nature: observing it and interpreting it means understanding the potential that belongs to us.

The depiction of the Christmas Theme is given by a circumference divided into 12 equal parts (houses), each symbolizing a sector of our life.
The center of the circle represents the Earth, while the cusp (the starting point) of each house coincides with one of the twelve signs of the zodiac.

Every planet dominates a sector of our life, therefore, in drawing up the Christmas Theme, it is essential to identify in which houses and in which signs the planets fall: according to their exact position in degrees and tenths the right indications will be obtained.
In Astrology the interactions of the planets are also fundamental, both among themselves and towards the Ascendant and the Middle Sky.
"Aspects" are defined as some privileged angular waste, counted in longitude on the ecliptic, when they refer to two planets, or to a planet and an angle.

In decreasing order of importance, the most significant aspects are: the conjunction, the opposition, the trigon, the square and the sextile.
Aspects, represented with a different color or symbol, can be harmonic or dissonant.

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