FREE shipping in all Italy

FREE shipping in all Italy

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In astrology the astral card (also called natal chart, natal theme, astral chart, geniture, nativity figure, natus, birth chart or nativity) is the representation of the position of the planets, of the visible horizon line to the east (ascending) and to the west (descendant), of the zenith (the highest point of the sky) and of the nadir (the lowest point of the sky) as they appear to an observer who is on the earth in the precise place and moment of the birth of an individual. The astral chart defines the characteristics, predispositions and emotional and psychological inclinations of an individual from birth.


Knowing the size of your finger is very simple, you can use a tape measure and get the measurement in millimeters of the circumference of your finger.
We offer a tutorial:

You can buy online and shipping is free throughout Italy.
The sales conditions are specified and are the common ones.

Payment can be made through the cards that adhere to the circuits accepted by Paypal, without the need to have a Paypal account, simply click on the PAYPAL payment button and select the "I do not have a Paypal account" option, after which it will be possible to enter the details of your card and complete the payment.
Payment can also be made by bank transfer or cash on delivery for non-personalized jewels.
For any problem regarding payment procedures, you can contact us, we will be at your disposal for any help and clarification.

If you have purchased a Product for sale through the website you have the option of returning the purchased Product within 14 days of purchase or delivery.
You can start the online request procedure in the personal section "My Returns", using the form you can download in Terms of Sale.

Yes, you can have a date or a name engraved on almost all our jewels and you will find how to complete the order.

We call it the "secret number" because each of our jewels has engraved a randomly generated 6-digit number that can be read with a lens at the time of the sale and reported on the warranty.
With this number you can get the Astral Card.

We have dealers all over Italy and some European countries.
On the site you can find the addresses.