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The necklace is a jewel that does not just embody an ornamental and accessory function, but brings with it the authenticity of a true symbol of belonging, defining what are the emotional, personal, ideological bonds of the person who wears it.

The necklace name refers to the anatomical part of the neck, thus indicating the position in which it is worn.

The base of the neck is a highly symbolic area of ​​the body: circular in shape, it recalls the delicacy and sensitivity of the soul, the intimacy and sensuality of the body.

Right here, where ancient peoples wisely decided to wear necklaces, there is a point of connection and union between soul and body, between the visible world of matter and the physical and the subtle world of spirit and feelings.

The necklace thus becomes an instrument of effective communication of our deepest and most subtle essence, as well as of our talents and inner qualities.

It is a symbol of power that recalls its own identity manifesting it.

It also defines love, affection, a sense of belonging, a union between those who wear it and those who give it.