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The tree of Life. Fashion and magic come together in a precious ring!

Antonio Sartori, founder of the AlberoDellaVita925 brand, brings to life in a jewel the tradition of the ancient symbol of prosperity. The tree of life, a symbol recognized by many peoples in different parts of the world, represents the metaphor of Life.

The tree itself, for religion, mythology, social culture, is a symbol of luck and prosperity. Elegant, majestic and luxuriant, it brings with it a message of birth and rebirth, the wish for a new life, rich and intense, based on solid roots.

The AlberodellaVita925 jewelry brand is connected to this ancient belief. The real soul of the project lies in its designer and founder, Antonio Sartori, son of art, with a recognized experience in the field of high jewelery, artisan excellence of Made in Italy.

The Albero della Vita rings are made of 9k gold and 925 silver, sometimes decorated with precious stones such as turquoises, amethysts or natural diamonds, enlivened with enamels of different colors, from black to aqua green to ruby ​​red.


The representation of the tree, an ancient emblem of well-being and positivity, is often accompanied by incisions dense with meaning, destined to bring good to those who will have the privilege of wearing the precious ring.

Who is Antonio Sartori? What was your training path?

I was born in Legnano in a family of goldsmiths. I graduated from the Art Institute Benvenuto Cellini of Valenza, a reference point for Italian craftsmanship, where Goldsmith Masters are trained. I refined my innate artistic skills, then graduating in Architecture at the Milan Polytechnic, with a thesis on the Ori of Taranto.

Do you remember a significant episode that made you realize that you would become a designer? How come jewels?

Can we somehow talk about a "family story"? As a child I spent the afternoons in the "shop" of my parents, Mario and Silvana, to whom I owe everything. Using gems of little value I built shapes that resembled a ring or a pendant. I remember, in particular, a purple gem, probably an amethyst, which one day I tied to my finger with duct tape ... looking back today I smile!

When and how was your brand "Albero della Vita 925" born? Is there a particular anecdote that inspired you? In October 2017 I was in Istanbul exhibiting my collections at the International Jewelry Fair. The last day before departure, taken by the desire to bring home a personal memory from this beautiful city with me, I started looking around, peering through shop windows and stalls. It was my intention to buy a belt or a pair of shoes or something typical of Istanbul and the culture of the place. In the lobby of a hotel I saw a shop selling only objects for men: my eyes immediately fell on a black tray full of rings and, almost magically, all but one, the Tree of Life, disappeared from my gaze. Fascinated by the symbol it represented, I decided to buy it. The next morning, climbing on the shuttle that was to take me to the airport, I realized I was not wearing the ring I bought the day before ... I was immediately panicked and realized that for me that item had already become something more important of a simple souvenir ... Life must be listened to, especially when it speaks and makes itself heard through that famous "little voice" that often becomes our guiding star, our compass. Despite the risk of losing my return flight, I set off in search of my ring. Once back in the hotel, I went to the guard responsible for security ... our eyes met and in his eyes, for an instant, I saw my father's ... that man, before I could ask for his help, he said to me: " You lost something important for you ”and gave me the Tree of Life. In that instant something in my existence has changed, it has taken a different shape, it has begun to like me again, much more than before. With this ring on my finger, I gained renewed energy, which led me to embark on a new path.

I feel today to affirm that the Tree of Life brings Good! What is the mystical-symbolic meaning of this precious ring? The Tree of Life is an ancient symbol like humanity, known in many cultures and each of them calls it by different names, giving it mystical and magical meanings. In any case, it has a similar role in all the cultures in which it is present: it is considered the source of Life. His figure is composed of several elements: the roots, the trunk, the leaves and the fruits. Each of these represents an aspect of life. As we can see from his depiction, the roots of the tree dig deep, the trunk appears solid, the branches are numerous and quite long, the leaves are abundant as are the fruits. As a present, the Tree of Life symbolizes the wish of a life built on solid bases (trunk and roots), full and intense (branches, leaves and fruits). What are the essential features of your collections? The creative philosophy behind my collections is based on the continuous search for simplicity and development of the structural and aesthetic qualities of materials, never ceasing to look at the continuous evolution of society's customs and tastes. A jewel must not only be an aesthetic experience, but also a model of functional beauty. I create forms that adapt to the body and become part of it, expressing the moods and feelings of the person who chooses to wear them. Who is Antonio in his private life? Interests and passions in your free time? I have, with Barbara, a wonderful family of three daughters and so I live the privilege of having only women around me! In my spare time, the passion for walking and the desire for competition led me to practice Golf with very modest results. What do you dream for your future? And what of your brand? I consider myself lucky because I am realizing many of what everyone commonly calls dreams, but I think it is better to wish than to have ... The moment of desire, when you know something is about to happen, is the most exciting. For the future of my brand, I hope that one person will wear a Tree of Life ring one day and that, thanks to the 6-digit "Secret Number" engraved inside, he can calculate his own Christmas Theme.

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